Craft Instructions-

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Step 1. Gather scraps of patterned paper.  Add extra details if you want.  


Step 2. Apply some glue on the gem and stick it to the paper.  Press it down so the glue spreads out.  

Step 3. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Step 4.  Using scissors, cut around the gem, trimming off the extra paper. Glue on the googly eyes.

Step 5. Decorate your Buggles home however you wish and enjoy your little creatures!

Tea Cups

Would you like an adventure now?....... Or shall we have our tea first?

Tea cups


Step 1. Decorate your tea cup using the paints and brushes.

Step 2. Place the soil pellet inside and add water.

Step 3. Plant your seeds and watch your tea plant grow!



Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.


Each of you are special and have walked a different journey regarding your allied disorder. Please create a collage with your family showing all the special things and memories relating to PKU, diet, camp, family and experiences. You may use pictures, drawings, camp t-shirts and anything that you would enjoy sharing with our AMAZING community.

Please share a picture of your collage with The pictures will be numbered and uploaded for sharing. We will all be voting on the most creative collage. Winner will be mailed a prize!

Chalk Art

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I’m not crazy, MY REALITY is just different from yours.   -Cheshire Cat

Chalk art


Step 1. Show your creativity using painters’ tape and chalk. Chalk up your sidewalk or block wall. 

Step 2: Share your designs with on facebook and instagram #Campknotaphe2020

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