Web Sites Resources for Executive Function

Web Sites Resources for Executive Function


  • Think Kids.org (www.Thinkkids.org)
Think:Kids provides trainings in Collaborative Problem Solving for parents, clinicians and educators as well as a professional certification program.
  • Lives in the Balance (http: // www.livesinthebalance.org/) solving approach.
  • Yellow Pages for Kids (http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/)
A comprehensive resource for finding educational consultants, psychologists, diagnosticians, health care specialists, academic tutors, speech language therapists, advocates, and attorneys – in your local area! The site also has information on government programs, grassroots organizations, special education schools, and parent support programs.
  • The Understood (https://www.understood.org/) 

    Executive functions let people plan, organize and complete tasks. Here’s a closer look at the different areas of executive function and the skills they affect.

    Learning works for kids (http://learningworksforkids.com/executive-functions/) Executive functions are brain-based cognitive skills that facilitate critical thinking and self-regulation. Executive functions call upon the prefrontal cortex of our brains to help with goal-setting and decision making. These skills include flexibility, focus, organization, planning, self-awareness, self-control, time management, and working memory.

    BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. is providing a courtesy list of these resources for interested patients. BioMarin did not produce these resources and the content of each represents the views of the author(s).

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