Big News from National PKU News and Cook for Love

Big News from National PKU News and Cook for Love

We’re joining forces to bring you a new, revolutionized version of Cook For Love, powered by!

When National PKU News launched three years ago, we transformed a staple of life with PKU: The Low Protein Food List for PKU. What was a static reference document became a dynamic, collaborative, and evolving platform for finding foods and tracking intake, blood levels, and more. We’ve added hundreds of foods and dozens of new features to help you discover healthy, tasty, efficient, and affordable ways to manage the PKU diet, and you’ve responded by forming a community of users who are loyal, helpful, engaged, and creative. The merger with Cook for Love will build on this transformation to engage those of us who already love Brenda Winiarski’s recipes -- and introduce newcomers to the idea that it is possible to make your own tasty, healthy, and creative low-protein food.

Cook for Love launched eight years ago. It evolved out of a simple promise that Brenda made to her newborn -- that she would know the joy of food. The mission was to empower members of our community to improve their health through cooking and education. The goal was to dispel the myth that, given severe dietary restrictions, people on low protein diets must settle for less. The free site provided you with step by step instructions and cooking videos for making low protein recipes that you and your loved ones will truly enjoy. The mission and goals will remain the same, and the site will remain free. It will be enhanced and become a true community based resource.

The new will:

  • Feature all your favorite Cook For Love recipes
  • Allow you to add and share your own recipes with with phe/pro/exchange values validated by* Many of you are so creative in the kitchen--we want you to share your recipes as well!
  • Have advanced search & categorization features designed by you (if you take our survey!)
  • Be easily accessible from your phone or tablet
What will not change:
  • Cook for Love will always be a free site
  • Brenda will continue to develop and share fantastic new recipes
We hope you are as thrilled about this partnership as we are. As we start development of the new site, we want to hear what’s important to you. Please take a moment to complete this survey. has always been a place for the community to come together, and this new version will strengthen and expand that community. Please share your ideas today by taking this survey. And after you contribute your ideas, please consider making a financial contribution to support this project. Both Cook For Love and National PKU News are non-profits, and we can’t do our work without your support. Designate your donation to support this project in particular, or give a general gift at * subscription required to create & publish recipes on, so that phe/pro/exchange values can be validated for safe sharing with the community. A subscription will not be necessary to view the recipes.
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