The success of Camp Knot a Phe

Thanks to the wonderful support from our sponsors and donors, camp continues to be the best weekend of the summer. The weekend is filled with fun activities, crafts, sports, games, support groups, delicious low protein foods and new-found friends and families that have similar metabolic disorders.

Camp Knot a Phe started in 2011, and continues today as a family camp for Arizona individuals with metabolic disorders. Located on 80 acres just outside of Prescott, AZ in the beautiful, tall pines. Along with all the fun outdoor activities, camp provides educational tools for diet management, resources for parents, support group sessions, demonstrations, and information on the latest medical products.

Children age three and up are invited with their family to camp each year. Individuals can learn at camp, while meeting others with similar metabolic conditions. There are many benefits individuals and their families have received from attending camp. Campers have been able to make friends and build a precious support network, families can depend on each other for help and education workshops assist individuals stay on or even return to diet. Many have overcome their fear of blood draws, by proper instruction and instructional home blood draw workshops. We circulate simplified medical food recipes, host workshops on diet tracking apps, sampling new foods and share our favorite foods to help patients when they return home.

These metabolic conditions must be monitored daily, and family support is necessary for these individuals to maintain their health. Camp helps teach, comfort and support our campers as they move through the next bright stages of their lives.


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