How Much Phe Application

How Much Phe Application

How much Phe? 

That is the question and we have found the answer.  An online website that can answer that question about most foods with a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger. 


A comprehensive diet-management system for PKU with phe/pro/exchange and calorie values for more than 7,000 foods.
  • Search the database for the Phe content of foods, including all foods in the Low-Protein Food List for PKU and National PKU News' Baby Food list.

  • Get Phe, Exchanges, Protein and Calories for the foods you find

  • Enter your own quantities in weight, phe, protein, or exchanges, and convert to get the related values.

  • Track your goals, phe/protein/exchange intake, blood levels, and more. Easily export records for yourself or your clinic.

ANPAD is providing a free 1 year subscription to Arizona residents with a medically diagnosed metabolic disorder. To be considered for this subscription,  you must complete the online application confirming your residency and diagnoses. 

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