Go Low Pro!

Go Low Pro!

PKU News is thrilled to announce that we've received a grant from the Global Genes Rare Patient Impact Program (which also funded some HowMuchPhe.org features in 2016) for Go Low Pro, a new smartphone app to help you locate stores and restaurants compatible with the a low-protein diet.

This app will use location services on your smartphone to provide display a map of nearby stores that sell low-protein products and restaurants that serve meals that work with the low-protein diet. And best of all, you'll be able to share your finds with the rest of the low-protein community by tagging your location when you find new restaurants and stores.

One particular goal of this project is to help teens and adults with metabolic disorders better manage their diets when they are out and about -- hanging out with friends, traveling, or trying to manage jobs and families with limited time and support.

The project is just in its early days; look for more updates as we move forward in development (and sign up here for a chance to be an early tester for the app).

In addition to the Global Genes Foundation, we'd like to thank the following for recognizing the value of this app to the entire community and throwing their support (moral and financial) behind the project: MACPAD (Mid-Atlantic Connection for PKU & Allied Disorders), the Tennesee PKU Foundation, The Michaux Family Foundation for PKU, Alison and Kai Reynolds, and NECPAD (New England Connection for PKU & Allied Disorders).

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